Malcolm Dodds

Solicitors Carlisle


Like Carlisle Castle, this solicitors firm has been around for a long time and now specialises in representing those who find themselves in trouble with the Police.

We accept instructions to deal with the following matters:-

Police station advice

Road Traffic cases

Magistrates and Crown Court Representation.

Malcolm Dodds was one of the first criminal lawyers in the country to be granted higher rights to appear in the Crown Court in 1994. Since then, he has personally appeared in Crown Courts throughout the country looking after the interests of clients charged with offences varying from conspiracies to defraud to serious drugs charges. He has also appeared as junior counsel in a murder trial at Carlisle Crown Court.

The firm has dealt with several other murder and attempted murder cases and has recently concluded a 14 million pound cocaine conspiracy in Manchester Crown Court achieving an excellent result for the client.

If you are in receipt of benefits and qualify for legal Aid or you are working for a living then Malcolm Dodds Solicitors can represent you in any court proceedings.